PhD - Information Technology (2014 - present)

Machine Learning and Case-Based Reasoning

Advanced Topics in Case-Based Reasoning

Topics in Information Technology

PhD Seminar in Computer and Information Science

Web Mining

Master - Artificial intelligence and learning (2012 - 2014)

Master's Thesis

Finding the Nearest Wheelchair: the Application of AI Search Methods to Logistical Problems in the Hospital

Semester 9 - 2013

Introduction to Neuroscience

Semester 8 - 2013

Sub-symbolic AI Methods

Graphics and Visualization

Computer Vision

Experts in Teamwork - Robot and Human

Semester 7 - 2012

User Interface Design

Healthcare Informatics

Software Security

Model-Driven Development of Information Systems

Bachelor (2009 - 2012)

Semester 6 - 2012

Artificial Intelligence Methods

Visual Computing Fundamentals

Informatics, Project II

Semester 5 - 2011

Logic and Reasoning Systems

Programming Languages

Software Engineering II

Operating Systems

Semester 4 - 2011

Human-Computer Interaction

Software Engineering

Data Modelling, Databases and Database Management Systems

Communication - Services and Networks

Semester 3 - 2010

Linear Algebra and Geometry

Computer Fundamentals

Informatics, Project I

Algorithms and Data Structures

Semester 2 - 2010

Computers, Culture and Society

Elementary Discrete Mathematics

Object-Oriented Programming

Medicine for Non-Medical Students, Introduction

Semester 1 - 2009

Introduction to Informatics

Programming, Basic Course

Basic Calculus I

Philosophy and Theory of Science